BMW S55 Twin Std. Bore Plus HPFP Kit
BMW S55 Twin Std. Bore Plus HPFP Kit
BMW S55 Twin Std. Bore Plus HPFP Kit
BMW S55 Twin Std. Bore Plus HPFP Kit
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BMW S55 Twin Std. Bore Plus HPFP Kit

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Key Differentiating Features:

  • 36% more fuel flow than stock 
  • Max operating pressure of 240 Bar
  • Proprietary CFD Optimized damper housing with integrated SAE quick-connect fittings 
  • Stainless Steel Construction 
  • Ethanol Compatibility 
  • Direct Bolt-On 
  • Complete kit includes all parts required for installation 
  • Requires less install time than changing the vacuum housing 
  • Kit designed to be fully reversible to factory fuel system (no modification of oem parts, no intake trimming) 
  • Optional Ethanol Sensor 
  • Installation Guide and Tuning Support 
  • Lifetime Warranty 

Want even more power out of your M3? The BMW S55 factory dual pump setup is already quite capable, however, there is always room for improvement.  This is where the Nostrum S55 HPFP kit comes in. Flowing 36% more fuel than stock, the Nostrum HPFP’s will provide you with more fuel earlier in the rpm range. This allows you to dial in more boost down low, allowing for more low end torque, reach your peak power sooner, and hold that peak power for longer.  The Nostrum HPFP kit requires no permanent modifications, allowing you to revert your vehicle to stock in the future. Being that these pumps are installed just like the OEM pumps, the installation is far less involved than a vacuum pump style kit. 

Our pumps are completely ethanol compatible, giving you the added benefit of being able to run e85 or blended ethanol fuel. Ethanol is wonderful on turbo cars, as it has a higher octane rating and is less prone to knock than 91/93 pump gas.  

Bundle up and save big! Take full advantage of your Nostrum HPFP’s by pairing them with our Stage 2 injectors, the largest available on the market! Flowing 55% more fuel than the stock S55 injectors, our Stage 2 injectors allow for significant gains in peak horsepower, when properly tuned. Bundling the HPFP’s and injectors together turns the S55 into a monster of an engine!

These products come complete with everything you need inside the box, including detailed installation instructions. Nostrum backs every part we sell with a limited lifetime warranty. Tuning guides are also available for your dealer or tuner. We have customer service and calibration engineers on staff to provide you with any support that you may need, from installation to tuning. 

Vehicle Applications:

  • BMW F82/F83 M4
  • BMW F82 M4 Competition
  • BMW F82 M4 CS
  • BMW F82 M4 GTS
  • BMW F80 M3
  • BMW F80 M3 Pure
  • BMW F80 M3 Velocity
  • BMW F80 M3 Competition
  • BMW F80 M3 CS
  • BMW F87 BMW M2 Competition
  • BMW F87 BMW M2 CS