F30 Rear Spherical Shock Mount
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F30 Rear Spherical Shock Mount

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There seems to be a gap in the market we have become accustomed to filling.  Many platforms out there have front camber plates available, which all come with spherical bearings, but no rear spherical mounts.  Match your front camber plate with a rear spherical bearing shock mount and remove the slop keeping your shock from performing at the level it was designed to.

Spherical bearings with teflon linings can wear down and lead to excessive slop and a knocking or rattling noise.  Our rear mounts are always over designed as much as geometrically possible to extend the life of the spherical bearing and delay the onset of the bearing knock. 

2014+ F22 BMW 228i 228iX M235i M235iX 
2012+ F30 BMW 320i 320iX 328i 328iX 335i 335iX - Sedan 
2014+ F34 BMW 328i 328iX 335iX - Gran Turismo 
2014+ F32 BMW 428i 428iX 435i 435iX - Coupe 
2014+ F33 BMW 428i 428iX 435i 435iX - Convertible
2014+ F36 BMW 428iX -Gran Coupe