What is with the name???

P·dv is the work necessary to compress a substance (i.e., reduce its volume). P·dv work is calculated based on a simple transformation of the F·ds work equation recognizing that Force = Pressure x Area (i.e., F = PA) and Volume = Area x Distance (i.e., V = As)


Often this equation is written in terms of specific work and specific volume, where the above equation is divided by the mass of the substance.

Like the integral of F·ds, the area under the P-V curve represents the work.

Courtesy of Wiley.com


Initially, I was going to develop parts that would increase horsepower for our caRs so the name was appropriate and I love the use of nerdy references.  The products I have in mind are more expensive to develop than the drivetrain and suspension parts I decided to develop first so I had to reprioritize.  I think it worked out better in the end as my expected product lineup will create a better performing car overall.  So the slogan "Integrated Designs" was born from the integral sign in the equation.  I will go ahead and pat myself on the back for that bit of cleverness.

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