About Us


I'm Ryan, I started PdV in the 2nd bedroom of my apartment while working a full time job because the Volvo R community was underserved and I believed I had much to contribute.  Almost a decade later, hundreds of the original high strength M66 collar gears shipped all over the world, and a whole lot of experience running the business has brought me to this important point in the company's history

Its 2022, I'm no longer interested in the little business run out of the basement anymore so the plan is to grow.  The latest focus will be on the BMW F3X platform because its the car I own but 3-piece wheels, re-engineered BC Racing coilovers, custom Wilwood brake kits, and spherical shock mounts will all be applicable to any platform out there.

Here is a quick run down of my background:

  • Drexel University BS in Mechanical Engineering.
    • I spent almost too much time time skipping homework to work on the Formula SAE car and act as the President and Technical Director during my two final years.  I also led the hydraulics team and the chassis and suspension team which gave me my first opportunity to design push rod suspensions and tube frame chassis' from scratch to meet regulations and team goals.
  • My day-job career has been in Nuclear R&D, Railroad friction management systems, and then starting in 2013 I went deep into the high performance damper world at Penske Racing Shocks, Strange Engineering, and Clearmotion
    • Projects include F1, Indycar, IMSA/Le Mans (GT cars and the custom NISMO LMP1 interconnected hydraulic anti-roll system), Superbike, ProMod, and now the best performing fully active suspension in the world.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ryan M.