About Us

Hello.  I'm Ryan and I started PdV in the 2nd bedroom of my apartment while working a full time job because the R community is underserved and I believe I have much I can contribute.  My goals are to reduce weight, increase high power reliability, and improve overall performance.  I think you'll see many of the products I'm developing will touch on all three aspects.


Of course I've come out of no where and I've been asked to elaborate on my experience.  I've been working on cars since 2001.  I was obsessed with and still love DSM's and moved on to Nissans.  I restored a '92 240SX while in college and quickly sold it after graduating and found an S60R by total chance, not knowing the cars even existed prior to my test drive in Sept. 2009.  I fell in love with it immediately and drove off the lot in the R that day.


I attended Drexel University and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  I spent the majority of my time skipping homework to work on the Formula SAE car and act as the President and Technical Director during my two final years.  I also led the hydraulics team and the chassis and suspension team which gave me the opportunity to design push rod suspensions and tube frame chassis' from scratch to meet regulations and team goals.


Since graduating, I've worked at Wesinghouse Nuclear R&D, LB Foster Rail Technologies, Penske Racing Shocks, and Strange Engineering, and now at Clearmotion as a Principal Mechanical Engineer working on fully active suspension.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ryan M.