Group Buys

Group buying has been our lifeblood for the past 9 years!  It provides unparalleled pricing competition and enables new products to be sourced without massive capital costs which makes new product development possible for small businesses like PdV.

We are huge fans of group buying when its done right, so much so we've created our own separate company to host them for other small businesses like ours.  In the near future our group buys will move over to but for now our group buys will be organized right here on this page.  We will advertise on facebook and wherever else we can but this page will show the most up to date status of our deals no matter what.

Group buy basics:

  • Each Tier represents a discount level
  • The active Tier is based on the number of committed purchases (i.e. - the number of deposit payments made)
  • All participants receive the product at the active Tier discount price after the group buy concludes.  If you join while in Tier 2 but the group buy ends in Tier 4, you still get the Tier 4 price/discount.
  • Sometimes we will allow full refunds of the deposit if the deal never gets above Tier 1

July 2020 - M66 High Strength
Collar Gears

It's been a long time and who knows when the next order will be so take advantage while you can.  The now world famous, high strength M66 collar gear is back!  Here are the rules...

  • The number of participants will be displayed at all times on this page and it will be updated within the hour of receiving each deposit.
  • A $65 deposit is required to take part in the group buy.
  • The first 14 are refundable, if we get to Tier 2 (15) no deposits will be refundable.
  • We're planning on ending the group buy at 9pm EST on July 24th.
  • We will do our best to ensure delivery promises are kept.  We have been quoted anywhere between 4-5 weeks to manufacture depending on the quantity ordered.  That puts delivery around the end of August.
  • Once the product is ready to ship you will be notified that the balance is due.  So if you provide a $65 deposit and the final price is $350, then you will owe $285 before we ship your product.  Plan accordingly.
  • You will need to source all the seals for the part swap on your own but we will provide all the part numbers and suggested places to buy them.
  • The final price includes shipping to the US and Canada.

Group Buy Pricing Tiers