BC Racing - F87 M2
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BC Racing - F87 M2

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2016-2021 F87 M2 Base part number I-75-BR

If you aren't sure what you want for spring rates, we recommend choosing a spring rate with BC Racing's included springs and driving for a day.  Then chose a Swift spring upgrade based on your driving style and get an alignment.

Don't install these coilovers on factory worn out rubber mounts.  The only spherical rear shock mount for these dampers in the world can be found here.

Default springs are 7kg on the front and 14kg on the rear.

  • Highly Customizable with the optional PdV High Performance Rebuild
  • Mono-Tube Shock Design
  • Linear Piston And Damping Curve
  • Height Adjustment Independent Of Spring Compression
  • 30-Clicks Of Simultaneous Compression/Rebound Adjustment
  • Front Camber Plates come standard
  • Custom Spring Rates And Swift Springs Available
  • Custom Valving Or Valving Paired For Custom Spring Rates
  • 1-Year Warranty Against Manufacturers Defect
  • Fully Rebuildable