S60R/V70R Rear Shock Mount
S60R/V70R Rear Shock Mount
S60R/V70R Rear Shock Mount
S60R/V70R Rear Shock Mount
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S60R/V70R Rear Shock Mount

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OEM suspensions are full of rubber bushings.  They're cheap and compliant which makes for a nice smooth ride to the grocery store.  What they aren't good for is driving to the limit on track or your favorite canyon road.  As a first step toward a less compliant more controllable and precise suspension we are unveiling our rear shock mounts with spherical bearings.

The S60R rear suspension is designed in such a way that the spring loads and damper loads are resisted by different parts of the chassis so the main benefit of the spherical shock mount is that it will improve your shocks ability to dampen suspension movements and reduce friction in your suspension.

When traveling over a bump or rotating the car through a corner with the rubber mount, the rubber compresses first and then your damper will start to compress once the rubber mount can't compress anymore.  By not allowing your damper to precisely follow the tire over bumps or to follow the chassis while rolling through a turn you're effectively eliminating the damper from the suspension for a portion of the suspensions travel.  This can lead to reduced lateral grip and contribute to the dreaded side hop issue.

Additionally, the rubber mount resists the shocks need to pivot through the entire suspension travel because the rubber always wants to return to its original shape.  This resistance adds side load to the damper shaft which increases friction and wears out the internal seals faster.  With a spherical bearing this resistance is eliminated and the shock is able to pivot freely so even if you're running expensive 4C shocks, they will last longer due to reduced side load and friction.

 Your order will include:

  • 2 rear shock mounts
  • 2 shock specific threaded bushings (M12x1.25 or M12x1.75)
  • 2 shock specific jam nuts

The OEM shock shaft uses a T40 torx bit.  This will come in handy trying to tighten the nut on the shaft.