High Strength Collar Gear - 6spd M66 Version
High Strength Collar Gear - 6spd M66 Version
High Strength Collar Gear - 6spd M66 Version
High Strength Collar Gear - 6spd M66 Version
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High Strength Collar Gear - 6spd M66 Version

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8/19/2023 UPDATE - The group buy is over and there are a few extra in stock.

At typically over $1000 per replacement including labor, and some reportedly needing more than one before they've hit 100k miles, this expensive problem has finally been dealt with. Install this collar gear as a preventative measure and let your drive train worries slip away.

I can not guarantee fitment on a worn transmission output gear or angle gear input gear so don't wait till it fails!  However, one of the prototypes was recently installed on a car with a failed OEM collar and he had this to say...

  • "...it feels stronger & heavier, tighter fit, correct Volvo gaskets - I'm happy to support this new collar..."  See the reviews here.

Ryan's personal log:  80,000+ miles from June 2013-2019.  Likely over 3 million combined miles with the over 200 units sold.


  • High strength and heat treated material to a specific Brinell hardness that is appropriate for a transmission gear
  • Nitride heat treat (estimated 60% increase of UTS compared to OE)
  • Custom fit, not to OE clearances
  • Designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA
  • None of the necessary OEM seals or the retaining ring are included.  You will need to order qty. 1 of each from any site/dealer...
    • 977101 - internal snap ring
    • 1161748 - spline joint grease
    • 976041 - green o-ring
    • 9143885 - drive shaft seal
    • 9143911 - 75mm trans output shaft seal
    • 30735126 - 65mm transfer case seal


Compatible Vehicles

  • 2004-2007 S60R/V70R AWD 6MT (manual) transmissions
  • 2004.5 - 2010 S40 CH -452736 and V50 CH -472491 T5 models with AWD 6MT (manual) transmissions